June 16, 2021

No Business With Genocide

A Coalition to End Genocide


The “No Business With Genocide” campaign is built around the simple proposition that corporations should refrain or withdraw from doing business with regimes that engage in genocide or crimes against humanity. 

This campaign is part of the movement to end genocide and crimes against humanity by building a grassroots global constituency willing and able to put effective and timely political and economic pressure on governments that engage in or consider committing genocide and/or mass atrocities.

The purpose of the “No Business With Genocide” campaign is to put effective pressure on corporations in key sectors – principally oil, gas, timber, mining and banking – to stop supporting regimes complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity.

Central to the campaign is the adoption of “No Business With Genocide” resolutions and laws by universities, religious denominations, and local and state governments.  For instance, a city would place restrictions on buying goods or services from corporations that do business with governments engaged in genocide. In this way, citizens can ensure that their city taxes don’t support corporations that effectively underwrite genocidal governments.

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The purpose of these resolutions and laws is to: